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Being cited for a traffic offense is a common occurrence in California and across the nation. Most of us have received some type of traffic ticket in our lives. While they may seem like an annoyance to just get rid of and move on, they can have major repercussions on your wallet and, in some cases, on your license. Where you are accused of actual traffic crimes (as opposed to infractions or citations), you may be at risk for jail time, probation, substance abuse assessment and treatment, and more.


At VIRTUOSO CRIMINAL & DUI LAWYERS, we are here to give you the legal support you need to aggressively defend yourself against traffic offenses of all kinds. Our team has assisted countless drivers throughout the Bay area in these matters. In many cases, we have achieved ticket dismissals, charges reduced to lesser offenses, or have obtained not guilty verdicts in court. Whether you have been cited for speeding, charged with a DUI, face a potential license suspension for a failure to appear, or have any other traffic offense, we can help.

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As a California driver, you are subject to the California Vehicle Code that has established a wide range of driving-related actions for which you can be cited or criminally charged. Paying the fine of a traffic ticket, such as for speeding, is an admission of guilt. It will lead to the DMV adding demerit points to your driving record. Points are specific to the offense for which you were cited. This will likely result in increased auto insurance premiums. Furthermore, if you accumulate too many points within a certain period, the DMV can automatically suspend your license. 

VIRTUOSOS CRIMINAL & DUI LAWYERS can review your circumstances to determine your legal options and devise the optimum strategy for you. 

We handle all types of traffic offenses including but not limited to:

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