Personal Injury

Do I need a personal Injury Lawyer?

At VIRTUOSO CRIMINAL & DUI LAWYERS, we are determined to get the most favorable outcome possible for injured Californians. Our personal injury attorneys exclusively fight for those who have been injured as a result of negligence or recklessness of other people or entities. We have successfully represented personal injury victims who have suffered from car accidents, premises accidents, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death of loved ones.

All personal injuries, both big and small, can have an enormous impact and can even be life-altering for the health and wellbeing of those affected. At VIRTUOSO CRIMINAL & DUI LAWYERS, the road to recovery is more than just a settlement check. 



 We are here to diligently fight for the physical, financial, and emotional recovery that our clients and you deserve, and most importantly, get your independence and future back on track. We comprehend the nature and complexities involved with a personal injury claim, so it is crucial to hire a skilled attorney who will advocate for you and build a solid case. Every physical injury claim, regardless of its basis, whether intentional or due to negligence, has two basic issues—liability and damages. When both are proven, you may be awarded compensation for your loss. Every case is different, but we will provide the essential resources that will ultimately allow you to recover from any physical or emotional injuries.

Types of Personal Injury Cases in California

What type of compensation can I receive for a personal injury case in California? 

As the plaintiff, California personal injury law allows for the victims of wrongful acts to recover compensation for many different types of damages incurred. Whether you have been burdened with the damages of a slip and fall accident, a car accident, or have suffered from a wrongful death of a loved one you can be awarded compensatory damages for both out-of-pocket suffering, such as loss of income, and also “non-economic damages” such as loss of companionship. 

 Personal Injury economic compensation can include:

  • Out of pocket losses 
  • Household expenses
  • Cost of future medical care
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of past wages 

General compensation for any non-monetary damages incurred that include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Scarring or disfigurement 
  • Injury to reputation 

Wrongful death compensation can include

  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • Out-of-pocket expenses 
  • Lost household 
  • Loss of support and income
  • Lost prospect of inheritance 

If you or someone you know has been injured, don’t wait any longer and call us today for a free consultation. Our team will guide you every step of the way and effectively communicate with all parties involved in your case. We are here to educate and guide you every step of the way to win you the compensation that you deserve.

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